The Victorian House

img_1193-copyDuring a refurbishment of the Victorian house, workmen found the skeleton of a large dog buried under the path to the front door. The skeleton was duly removed, donated to a local museum, and the building work continued unhindered.

A few months later the new owners took possession and moved in, and that is when the manifestations started. Vague outlines of a figure appeared in the hallway, at the foot of the stairs. With each subsequent visitation the figure became more and more ‘solid’

The new owners moved out, put the house up for sale and left the area entirely. The house became the subject of numerous paranormal experiments, all ending in failure. However, one experiment, using a pheromone detector, picked up an unusual amount of alarm pheromone, found in some insects, all of which are not native to this country. This was largely ignored by the press, and those that did pick up on it, discredited it.

One local historian, reckoned bolder than others by his peers, decided to investigate the house. Most of the documents were destroyed during World War II, however those that remained showed the house was owned  between 1932-1935 by Cyril Custance, a largely unknown occultist at that time.

Custance, an acolyte of Crowley for a period of time and in later life a confidant of Lady Frieda Harris, was by all accounts a well practiced Ceremonial Magician.


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