The Tomb:Photographs

I have been asked to provide some photographs as a reference of the cemetery where the Tomb is located.

The ever present fog obscures some of the further parts of the cemetery.



Martin is seen walking his dog, Lucien, in this photograph.img_20170124_102946

Martin started his investigation into the Book of the Stilled Tongue, by visiting as many libraries as he could. He contacted several ‘occultists’ via Facebook, all of whom gave him nothing that was useable and in some cases outright lied about their knowledge of the book.

Susanne McRae,a local historian and, a self described dabbler in the ‘unseen’ overheard Martin asking for books on occult history in the Jade Mountain Bookshop, a shop not too far from the cemetery.

This became the start of a friendship that led them both down a dark path. A path that Susanne should never have travelled.

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