The Stone Golem Of Saltdark.

Deep in the Saltdark Marshes lies the village of Saltdark. This stark and unimaginatively named hamlet lies miles away from any other town in the area, and as such its dour and insular folk have little to do with outsiders.

For centuries the villagers have worked the marsh, cutting its reeds to sell on to thatchers. The reeds have a peculiar toughness and longevity, no doubt due to the high salt content in the surrounding marshes, in which they grow so profusely.

Standing on the outskirts of the village is a ruined church. This ruin is a testament to monotheism. The villagers here are decidedly pagan in their world view. The old Gods are not sleeping here; they are rich, vibrant and engaged. In short they are truly worshiped.


If you were to thread your way between the twisted yews and the stunted and stooped elms, every bit as much a transplant as monotheism, you will arrived at the entrance to the church.

Time is slowly eroding the shell of the church, but the eye is immediately drawn towards a large eroded block of stone. The Stone Golem of Saltdark stands silently, pitted and worn by nature. This anthropoid shaped effigy predates the village itself.

Next Time:The history of the Golem.


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