The Legend of The Golem.

The origins of the Saltdark Golem are lost in time, mixed with anecdote and myth. What is generally agreed upon is that the Golem was brought to the village, or created in the village, by a Polish Kabbalist fleeing the pogroms in Prague of the 1600’s.

The Kabbalist, referred to as Abraham, although undoubtedly this was not his given name, settled into the village. The villagers, though secular and isolationist by nature soon found themselves relying on him for herbal medicines and the like. He never mentioned his faith and according to some, found some small solace in the simple religious practises of the villagers.

Records of this time are almost non existent, however the notes of the parish priest, a John Albright, record a village meeting at which Abraham was present. The notes, though meandering in language and cohesion, record the villagers asking Abraham to help them.

It is at this time the the Golem was first mentioned, and its immunity to the lacerating effects of the salty waters of the marsh.salktdark

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