Treasure The Important Things.

On the 11th March 2023 there was a fire in my flat. The whole place was filled with black smoke within moments and, whilst I saw no flames in the confusion, there was an intense heat.

The image is what is left of the bedroom.

The fire brigade saved my cat, The Fury, and whilst the cat was badly burned and suffering from smoke inhalation they are recovering nicely.

The hospital treated me for smoke inhalation and even paid for a taxi for me to get to my parents where I slept on the floor for a few days. My sister sorted the vets out for the cat. Whilst I am in no way ungrateful my family specialise in the ‘I’ve helped you, so now you owe me and I’ll never let you forget it’ Owning only the clothes I was wearing and nothing else it was not what I wanted or needed to hear.

I have had lots of genuine offers of help from people I engage with on social media, and whilst I as yet don’t have access to my bank account ( try finding a local branch, walking in with no ID, indeed no shoes and asking to make a withdrawal.) I at least have a roof over my head, food and now two pairs of shoes, and trousers.


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