The Moon City

— I have sat at the feet of Sin. With lapis lazuli beard and Bull Of Heaven. Watched his children Utu & Inanna dance with Mother and Consort, Ningal. Gazed from on high at Ur and Harran, With Woolley reconstructions of Moon ziggurats, counting the steps and the days.

The Stone Golem Of Saltdark.

Deep in the Saltdark Marshes lies the village of Saltdark. This stark and unimaginatively named hamlet lies miles away from any other town in the area, and as such its dour and insular folk have little to do with outsiders. For centuries the villagers have worked the marsh, cutting its reeds to sell on to […]

The House of the Dead Gods

The House of the Dead Gods. Segmented essence within this place, bone mortar secured within fragmentary walls. Fallen ,are the followers, with┬árazor shredded souls seeking questions to the answers, of those long gone. Eviscerated and visceral, they turn on each other, as Dead Gods look on.  

The Tomb:Photographs

I have been asked to provide some photographs as a reference of the cemetery where the Tomb is located. The ever present fog obscures some of the further parts of the cemetery. Martin is seen walking his dog, Lucien, in this photograph. Martin started his investigation into the Book of the Stilled Tongue, by visiting […]

The Tree & Martin:The Tomb

In 1997 it was decided to cut down a tree, locally known as the stunted tree due to its shape, that was planted by a member of the Dupree family in the late 40’s. The tree had always been an odd shape, and as time passed it started to grow over the pathways surrounding the […]