Treasure The Important Things.

On the 11th March 2023 there was a fire in my flat. The whole place was filled with black smoke within moments and, whilst I saw no flames in the confusion, there was an intense heat. The image is what is left of the bedroom. The fire brigade saved my cat, The Fury, and whilst […]

  Set among the sprawl of urban industrial decay is a cemetery. No longer used by the living or the dead, it sits silently, listening to the sounds of the slowly encroaching wilderness and the stone memories of those who have passed.  

Last night I dreamt. Something or someone had come into my room and knelt beside my bed. In the darkness of the room they softly took my hand and taking my index finger, started to slide it over their mouth. I could feel their gentle exhalations on my fingertip. I felt them open their mouth […]

A walking tour.

Part One   A few years ago now, when I was able to escape the ties of family and city, I was a great one for walking holidays. As someone who enjoys his own company far more than others enjoy it, a few days walking and exploring somewhere new was the perfect break from city […]

Golden Goblin Press.

Just been reading The Island of Ignorance.   ‘The Golden Goblin is a creature inspired by the ctional Golden Goblin Press, a Cthulhu Mythos publisher created by Robert E. Howard, which was named after a statuette belonging to the Press’s founders. The creature is most com- monly encountered bound into a golden statuette of around […]