Treasure The Important Things.

On the 11th March 2023 there was a fire in my flat. The whole place was filled with black smoke within moments and, whilst I saw no flames in the confusion, there was an intense heat. The image is what is left of the bedroom. The fire brigade saved my cat, The Fury, and whilst […]


I see on social media that we, in the UK, are collectively shocked and disgusted by ‘the Russia Report*’ We howl into our ‘whats happening’ boxes and think we have done our bit for activism. We sit back and rub our hands together saying’ well, that showed them’ Except, obviously, it didn’t. It achieved nothing. […]

Pandemic Ponderings

As I write this I have no idea how long I have been ‘self isolating’ although judging by the laughter and singing outside I must be the only one. The pandemic has of course changed the ‘normality’ of life for the vast majority of us. Some of us are even postulating that this virus will […]

  Set among the sprawl of urban industrial decay is a cemetery. No longer used by the living or the dead, it sits silently, listening to the sounds of the slowly encroaching wilderness and the stone memories of those who have passed.