The Tree & Martin:The Tomb

In 1997 it was decided to cut down a tree, locally known as the stunted tree due to its shape, that was planted by a member of the Dupree family in the late 40’s. The tree had always been an odd shape, and as time passed it started to grow over the pathways surrounding the […]

The Dupree History

Colonel Sir William Dupree, 1st Baronet, rich and powerful, had the tomb built in 1907 and it is described as a ‘whacking great mausoleum in the French style with battered sides and a stepped pyramidal roof. It is built of smooth Balmoral granite with polished granite memorial tablets on the walls‘ Technically it should be […]

The Tomb

The Tomb. In the Highland Cemetery, there is a tomb, non-descript and tucked away. Those that spare more than a passing glance may notice that the graves surrounding that edifice have been vandalised. The crossed smashed off, broken limbs on angelic figures etc. Some small attempt to repair the damage has been made to no […]