The infection that started 6 months ago is most likely alien in origin. Not that we knew that then, and not that there is a damn thing we can do about it now.
Hindsight, that great virtue, showed just how perfectly it was all planned. Spread some sort of airborne infection that only targets mammals, wait till the infection takes hold. Watch humanity turn upon itself.Take over.
Of course it was initially thought to be some sort of government zombie virus, which swiftly changed into divine retribution as panic took hold. The media lapped it up until it got serious…
Those poor bastards that were infected didn’t start craving brains, or become mad with rage, they just rotted. They rotted by the hundreds, then the thousands and finally by the millions.
Those of us who have survived have no idea how many of us are left, dotted across the world in small pockets.
We didn’t do what every thinks they will do, instead we panicked along with the rest, we grieved, we became angry.
Finally groups of us formed up. The cities were uninhabitable, not due to the ‘infection‘ but due to infection, disease and sanitation. We left. We had no choice.

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